About Us

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If you’re…

  • trying to resolve complex issues that require strategic planning
  • looking to improve the leadership and management potential of your existing employee base…
  • trying to strengthen your corporate structure…
  • looking for cutting-edge tools and processes to help you run your organization…or
  • just trying to gain an edge so you can stay ahead of the pack. 

Then you’ve come to the right place. The Nolan Group (TNG) offers all that and more!


Our Company

TNG is a full-service, certified U. S. Small Business Administration 8(a) and Woman-Owned consulting firm offering a myriad of topnotch management services, performance improvement consulting and professional development training.

We use proven methodologies based on years of research and experience to assist companies in reaching desired results while saving them time and money.  Our approach to management, programming and training are uniquely suited for helping your organization achieve immediate, measurable and long lasting results.

TNG systems have literally helped hundreds of companies across the globe to consistently out- perform its traditional counterparts and increase productivity and profits upwards 37%!   How do we know this?  Because we track our own success, too!

We are a small company with a big goal – achieve optimum client results.

Our Approach

At the Nolan Group, we approach every client uniquely and every project based on high- performance work systems. We not only enhance the way work is organized, but the people who do that work.

That’s why our company is different than most others. This revolutionary methodology provides for holistic and systemic management and training that leads to sustainable changes and increased employee performance.

We are built differently to serve you better: no walls, no divisions, no units, just forward thinking people with old fashion values that really care about the people they serve!

Our Mission

To provide organizations with superior services and products that deliver measurable results and unmatched customer satisfaction.